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Retain your customers easily using emails, sms, popular messengers and web pushes. Be the best in marketing with MACH-poweredMACH approach allows us to deliver top-quality, reliable, and scalable products effortlessly and fast with an almost limitless level of personalization that can satisfy even the most rigorous client.
Cloud environment and Headless architecture significantly speed up time to market, providing automation on all levels, from infrastructure provisioning to release processes. This allows our team to minimize operational work and focus on building products that meet businesses' needs and fulfill customer expectations.
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What is Retainly?

Welcome to Retainly, the all-encompassing omnichannel engagement platform proudly hailing from Ukraine. Effortlessly automate emails, SMS messages, and push notifications, ensuring your valued customers keep coming back for more.
With its user-friendly design, Retainly makes it a breeze to execute high-impact campaigns across all communication channels.

Retainly helps your marketing and product teams to:

Retainly simplifies the process of boosting customer retention, all while lightening the workload for your marketing team.
Embrace Retainly to keep your customers captivated and nurture more enduring, robust relationships.

Streamline administrative tasks

Unleash the full potential of your marketing tech stack by overcoming complexities that limit most marketers to just 10-15% usage.

Reduce IT reliance

Decrease the need for ongoing IT support, enabling marketers to manage their tech stack independently.

Track key metrics with ease

Provide product and marketing teams with efficient tools to handle increasing demands and limited resources.

Move the leads through the funnel faster

Launch campaigns swiftly by overcoming the challenges of fragmented tools and complex features.

Unify your MarTech stack

Eliminate cumbersome manual processes and data silos by integrating marketing platforms for smooth operation.

Make room for creativity

Spare marketers from spending unnecessary hours learning a multitude of disconnected tools, allowing creativity to thrive.

Retainly for industries

Retainly for industries

Whether you’re in eCommerce, retail, FinTech, iGaming, or the HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and catering) industry, Retainly has something for you! Our easy-to-use, low-code platform offers seamless automation and handy pre-built integrations with a variety of marketing tools.

In a world where customers expect the best and competition keeps getting tougher, Retainly is here to help you shine bright among the rest.

Join the many companies worldwide who are already enhancing their customer engagement with Retainly, and experience the difference it makes!

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The moment you start harnessing the power of Retainly, you’ll witness a significant transformation in your marketing efficiency and customer retention achievements, propelling your business toward unparalleled success.

Our existing customers have already:

by 70%
Improved email open rate
up to 60-70%
Increased probability of upselling to an existing customer
by 14.5%
Increased the sales productivity
Nearly 80% of marketers reported an increase in conversions as a result of automation.
by Invesp
40% of marketers believe automation has a positive effect on business performance.
by ResearchGate
One in five companies generates 30% to 40% of their sales digitally.
by Business Insider
Marketing automation statistics show that 80% of marketers reckon the tool is one of the most significant contributors to their success.
by Startup Bonsai

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