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Retainly’s automated engagement platform helps businesses fulfil their growth potential by supporting customer retention across every touchpoint - and it’s already being used successfully by companies like yours, across a number of industries.

A seamless eCommerce operation needs many different factors to be successful: packing, shipping, supply chains, human resources, business planning and much more. Retainly can help you free up vital admin time by automating key parts of your eCommerce marketing:

  • Email automation: create, test and monitor email campaigns with ease, to cross-sell, up-sell, boost engagement, and increase open rates by up to 70%
  • Customer analytics: automated tools help you monitor purchase histories, lead conversions and more with accurate data, giving you a clear insight into performance
  • Automated workflows: let Retainly guide your customers through their journeys and handle payment gateway processing 24/7 to improve your marketing productivity
  • Average Order Value strategies: identify star-performer products and analyse price changes to inform strategies for boosting your AOV

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Today’s customers want seamless experiences across every touchpoint, both physical and digital. Data integration, customer segmentation and marketing campaign management takes time and adds complexity to the task of creating smooth customer journeys. Retainly helps you turn more customers into loyal advocates:

  • Customer segmentation: send the right communications to the right people, to save time, increase conversions and ensure your sales team only deal with qualified leads
  • Personalisation: behaviourally triggered emails and personalised web experiences can help you tailor customer journeys and forge better relationships
  • Automated engagement: trigger consumer feedback and reviews, and re-engage
    customers when they become distant, to improve overall customer lifetime value

The fragmented nature of the FinTech sector makes it difficult to acquire and retain customers, as instant customer gratification is difficult and new entrants constantly shake up the marketplace. Innovating while protecting personal and financial data is also a vital balancing act to strike. Retainly enables FinTech companies to automate more, and innovate safely:

  • Automation: save time and focus on growth and creativity by automating workflows, email marketing, reporting, lead qualification and much more
  • Lead management: following up qualified leads and delivering relevant real-time information, like ID verification and bank account linking, makes it easy to keep leads active
  • Data analysis: get detailed data on user engagement and interaction, and automatically sync them to analytics tools for insights that can help optimise processes, campaigns and content
  • Testing and reporting: visualise the link between individual messages or entire customer journeys and engagement and revenue, so you can accurately track ROI

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Competition in the digital gaming space has never been greater, so intelligent marketing and brand-building is vital to stay ahead of the game. Yet player data needs to be used in a compliant fashion to ensure you meet changing regulatory requirements around responsible gambling. Retainly can take away the strain and help you foster meaningful interactions between you and your users:

  • Marketing automation: simplify and streamline marketing tasks like headlines, images and calls to action, and free up time for more creative and innovative work
  • Personalisation: engage customers with tailored real-time messaging, to increase retention and decrease churn through improved user experiences
  • Smart advertising: use automated testing and tooling to fine-tune ads in response to customer reactions, both inside and outside of games

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This sector generates huge amounts of data on customer behaviour – data that can provide huge insights into their preferences, in turn creating new opportunities for personalisation. Retainly gives hospitality businesses the tech they need to exploit their data, without giving them cost or time headaches:

  • Tailored messaging: set up customised rules that send the right messages to the right people at the right times, so you can spend your time on other important
  • Personalised experiences: tailored, targeted content gives customers the personalisation they want, and automation is the only way to achieve it on a large
  • Automated emails and booking: use marketing automation functionality that brings social media, email, web and other touchpoints together, and encourage customers to book

Compare Retainly with other solutions

Functionality & Terms Retainly Bloomreach Braze
Web trackingMonitor your customers’ actions using Retainly’s Web SDK.
Unknown users tracking Engage and track users who are not logged into your system, providing a complete view of their interactions.
CSV ImportEffortlessly import up to 10,000 contacts using a CSV file.
API and DB importSeamlessly import contacts from your CRM or Database using simple API or DB integration.
SegmentsSegment your contacts to deliver personalized communication based on simple or advanced segmentation criteria.
Aggregated SegmentationGo beyond user events and segment based on life metrics such as total purchase amount, number of purchases, average purchase value, and more.
WorkflowAutomate various tasks by creating workflows that streamline your processes.
Single CampaignsEffortlessly send one-time campaigns with just a few clicks. soon
Dashboard Gain a quick overview of system and contact information, leveraging valuable analytics to make informed decisions.Overview main information about system and contacts in a meter of a second and react fast with help of valuable analytics.
WorkspacesCreate multiple independent workspaces to manage different brands, customers, or countries.
Customers ExportDownload and export created segments for further analysis or use in other systems.
Free web pushesUtilize Retainly web pushes to send free web push notifications.
Funnel Analytics BetaCreate funnels and analyze campaign results to improve conversion rates.
Flow AnalyticsVisualize user paths and detect churn points to optimize your marketing strategies. soon
View driven AnalyticsTrack real-time user actions such as page views and clicks for immediate insights. soon
Cohort AnalyticsVisualize customer engagement over time to understand user behavior patterns. soon
Unsubscribe GroupsEffectively manage the opt-out process and groups to comply with GDPR policies.
E-commerce IntegrationsConnect your online-store, such as Shopify, to seamlessly receive customer information. soon
Time for API integration 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks 2-3 month 1 month
Free IntegrationWe provide assistance with API integration at no extra charge.

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